The God of Mischief Got Stuck on My Roof, So I've Started a Religion

I hope your night went better than mine. I was almost asleep, when Andrea and I heard a couple of loud thumps against the side of the house. We thought it must be wind knocking tree branches against the house. Several loud yowels corrected us. Our neighbor's cat, Loki, had climbed up a tree and... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Places

My wife and I were taking a little road trip through East Texas, talking about summer travel plans to Montana and Wyoming, and I made the comment that I wanted to take them to Glacier because it was one of my favorite spots in the world. Now, I haven't traveled "the world." I haven't left... Continue Reading →

RIP Charmander, Breaker of Worlds

A month ago, Charmander died. He was my son’s guinea pig, but he was also his first pet. I think there is something special about our first pet, and losing it, so I wanted to write a little something about Charmander’s death. Five or six days after Christmas (in that nebulous region of the holidays... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas, My Gift To You

Merry Christmas! I want to make this short and sweet so that you (and I) can get back to our merriment. I hope this season finds you with family and loved ones, both two-legs and four. We have one child off celebrating Christmas with our good friends, the Stanleys. They are enjoying the beach in... Continue Reading →

Zombie Dogs Giving Back

I enjoy making my little donations every month when I receive my royalties statement from either Amazon or Severed Press. (This month I donated to Friends of Dinosaur Ridge's Field Experience Fund, which helps offset the costs of field trips for at-risk students visiting Dinosaur Ridge as part of a school field trip.) It is... Continue Reading →

Cardio: The Travel Tip I Never See

I was thinking the other day how important cardio is for traveling. This is the one tip I never read mentioned in travel articles. Always wearing sunscreen, not drinking the local water, and stashing emergency money in a sock just in case you lose your wallet are all good travel tips, but nobody mentions cardio,... Continue Reading →

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