Cadaver Dog

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Cadaver Dog is probably my favorite book, and the one I’m most likely to hand you if you show up at my booth. It tells the story of Angie Graves, a search and rescue worker and human remains dog handler who is tasked with training a dog, named Murder, to track zombies.

Although it is short (131 pages), it is also the most reviewed of all my books (50 reviews on Amazon US as of this typing). Here are just some of the comments I’ve received from reviewers:

“An absolutely awesome version of the zombie apocalypse.”-To Read, Read, and Reviewed Book Reviews

“I fully enjoyed this read.” – JenacidebyBibliophile Book Reviews

“It’s rare that a zombie story gives us something beyond the usual end of the world scenarios but this book delivers a whole new, and chilling take on how zombies are created. The ending left me heartbroken and wanting more.” – Horror Maiden Book Reviews

Cadaver Dog is available through Amazon/Kindle here:


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