Ghost Dog

Book Four. Wow. Are we really here? I can’t believe it’s been just under fiver years, and the Zombie Dog series is still churning in my head. I wish I had time to write down more stories!

Ghost Dog picks up right after the cistern encounter with the zombie horde with Angie and Murder in a diner. To me, this was the Zombie Dog version of The Avengers’ “schawarma scene” at the end of the first Avengers movie.

Originally, I thought I’d write one book called Zombie Dog, and that it would be about Angie and Murder chasing zombies in the middle of Houston. Somewhere close to the end of Zombie Dog, I realized there was no way to finish it all in one book. There were just too many pieces, like talking about Angie’s mother, adding an arc related to the curandero Santa Anna, and including all these new police characters. At 85K words (and twice the length of Cadaver Dog), we finally get resolutions to all these stories, as well as the mystery of the weaponized zombies. Tucked into this plot was a need for Angie and Murder to deal with all this trauma and stress they’ve encountered in the past three books. For those who’ve read Terrible Lizard, you know that understanding and recognizing animal trauma is important to me. We need to be able to identify the psychological impact of working animals.

But what good would a book called Ghost Dog be without a ghost in it? As readers of the first three books, you know that Angie has always had connections to ghosts. In this one, the ghostly sightings are much more tangible. Angie is haunted by her mother, but why? What does she want? Is she out for vengeance against her daughter, or is there something else to her fearful appearances?

I hope you enjoy this dog-centric version of the zombie apocalypse. And keep your eyes peeled for the next book in the series, Murder Dog. If you want to be informed of when the next books comes out, click here to sign up for my mailing list.

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