Mountain Climbing With Dinosaurs

Mountain Climbing With Dinosaurs follows the first book in the “With Dinosaurs” series, Backpacking With Dinosaurs. When working with Severed Press, we had the idea of creating a book series about different people and their encounters with the “wildlife” in Dinosaur Falls National Restricted Area. Mountain Climbing With Dinosaurs follows two brothers who are trying to summit a mountain peak in Dinosaur Falls. And like so many people who go out into the wilderness, the brothers find themselves struggling against the mountain. What they thought would be an easy climb becomes a survival story, but it isn’t just a book about surviving in a strange mountainous terrain full of scary dinosaurs. The mountain is always a metaphor for something else, right? And the mountain in their life is that they are survivors of a mass shooting. See, these brothers were students at a high school where a shooting happened. Friends and fellow students were killed, and now these brothers are hurting. They’re really struggling with life as a survivor, but also with some of the secrets they’ve harbored because of the shooting. And I think it’s that combination of wilderness survival and tragedy survival that makes this book so special. Please give the book a read, and if you’re inclined, I would love to have your review!

And be on the lookout for the next book in the series, Hunting With Dinosaurs.

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