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For Kaijunaut, I had this idea. What would happen if NASA astronauts were conducting deep space travel, and the planet they land on happens to also be the home of several kaiju? I instantly had this image of an astronaut in her uniform climbing over a large kaiju skull.

Kaijunaut is available for download and as a paperback through Amazon here:

Here is what people have said about Kaijunaut:

“Old school cosmic adventure with just enough technical savvy to give it street cred and keep it fun”

“A rollicking adventure”

“I really enjoyed this story”

“The writing is terrific, the characters engaging”

Kaijunaut was one of the most fun books I’ve researched because as a government contractor at NASA, I really dug talking to fellow NASA folks and learning about astronauts and deep space travel. After I wrote the first draft, I handed it over to a few trusted engineering friends and gave them carte blanche to tell me where I was way off my rocker. And boy, did they! Faster than light travel? They balked at the idea. This led to some fun conversations about the challenges of space travel, which I was happy to add into the book’s second draft. Now, before any says, “yeah, but you did X, and that’s not even conceivable,” let me add: my friends gave me recommendations, but in some cases, I had to go with poetic license. So if there is anyone to blame, blame me and not them.