My Time on The Quiet Place Podcast

The Youtube channel HatchetMouth has a fun and nerdy podcast called The Quiet Place. Last night I joined them for an hour and forty five minutes or so. WE TALKED ABOUT SO MUCH GOODNESS! I really appreciate the time they gave me and all the questions they threw my way. I enter 1:12:31. We talk... Continue Reading →

This is Halloween?

This year, Halloween is going to be different. The pandemic is changing everything, so what should you do if you are a family trying to social distance on one of the most socialized days of the year?

The Proper Technique for Crocodile Hunter-ing My Dog

Koda will be 12 this February. For a German Shepherd, he's an old dog. (They live to be 10.5 years old, on average.) That does not mean he's decrepit. You wouldn't know his age if you met him. He is full of zest and vibrant life, but that can be a problem, especially when it comes to trimming his nails...

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