Koda Goes Camping

I don't want to put words in my daughter's mouth, but I think it is safe to assume that camping with Koda was the most epic camping experience of her adult life...

The Fireman

Most people don't realize it, but I co-habitate with a Fire Marshall. He is the unauthorized, unknown Fire Marshall of Kemah Oaks. He seeks out all fires, whether they are barbecues or fire pits, and he tells people they should put out the flames. It's hot! It's dangerous! You could get hurt! He doesn't yell or shout, either. No, he isn't the kind of fire marshall who is going to raise a ruckus about codes and dictates. He will walk around you back and forth and stare at you, and if that doesn't work he will whine. The whine might be annoying, but it's better than kicking the fire over or barking at you.

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