Summer Plans

Summertime, summertime, sum-, sum-sum-, summertime! I'm looking forward to hitting the road this summer and finishing some Zombie Dog writing.

“What’s Wrong With You?” My Time on the RF Blackstone Podcast

This is me on the podcast "Behind the Keyboard" from fellow Severed Press author, RF Blackstone. When the podcast opens with two dudes laughing their heads off because of something that was said off camera (and I have no recollection of what it was), you know the podcasters are going to have a good time.

A Fine Piece of Magic

I'm reading the novel "Boy's Life" by Robert McCammon. Early in the book, the titular boy is helping his father deliver milk in the 1960s. The son and his father are talking about what they'd like to be when they grow up, and the boy says "I'd like to be everybody in the world. I'd like to live a million times." It makes me think of the often-used quote about a person who lives leading one life and a reader leading a thousand lives. It's one of those quotes that I always heard and discarded because you might experience something, but were you really "walking a mile in a person's shoes?"

My Time on The Quiet Place Podcast

The Youtube channel HatchetMouth has a fun and nerdy podcast called The Quiet Place. Last night I joined them for an hour and forty five minutes or so. WE TALKED ABOUT SO MUCH GOODNESS! I really appreciate the time they gave me and all the questions they threw my way. I enter 1:12:31. We talk... Continue Reading →

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