The Difficult Decision to Euthanize Ryder

There are easy decisions owning a German shepherd, and there are hard decisions. Easy: what to feed it. That bag of Purina. Easy: when to pet it. Whenever it lets you. But the hardest might be when to euthanize. This is how we decided it was time to euthanize our GSD, Ryder.

Koda Goes Camping

I don't want to put words in my daughter's mouth, but I think it is safe to assume that camping with Koda was the most epic camping experience of her adult life...

What Training a Bad Search Dog Taught Me

It is getting to that time in Ryder's life where the days behind her far outweigh the days ahead of her. I find myself reflecting on this shy white shepherd I bought in Buda, Texas back when NASA was still flying space shuttles. She's lived a good life. But training her taught me new lessons about Search and Rescue.

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