Ryder’s Supposed to be the Obedient One

I have this story about Ryder. She was young, maybe a year old, and I was working her on some material for Search and Rescue training. The material was laid out in a rough line along a concrete patio. Each piece of “Fred” (what we call human remains) was set maybe five feet apart from each other. And Ryder hit on everything correctly. But something felt wrong. I couldn’t figure out what, so I asked another instructor to watch while I worked her. We ran the scent lineup again, and he laughed. “She’s not a great search dog, but she’s a terrific obedience dog!”

Sit, stay, down, she nails it. Ask her to work independently away from her handler, though, and she struggles.

Obedience-wise? With a handler right next to her? Glorious! I want you to keep that in mind when you look at these two photos of dogs posing for photos in bluebonnets. The first one is the 13-year old brute, the dude who will probably keel over one day because he charges ahead at life with the energy of a 1-year old shepherd. The second is my perfect obedience dog walking toward me because she can’t sit still for five seconds.

I have maybe twenty or thirty photos of Ryder in the bluebonnets. That one on the right is the BEST photo I could get. Look at her! She had a marker and everything!

Poor girl. I think her give-a-damn’s breaking in her old age. In the meantime, enjoy my photos of two heathens in bluebonnets.

If you live in Texas, I hope you get a chance to get out and snap a few photos, and if you take your dogs, I hope they do a better job of standing still than my Ryder…

Hey, thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying my posts. I’m a writer from Texas who dreams of one day writing full-time. I write the Zombie Dog books, which you can find here both digitally and paperback. I also have a Patreon account here.

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  1. Beautiful share! Texas bluebonnets are a pure joy! Just like the companions who sometimes sit and sometimes bolt ahead ready for anything and dragging us along with them! Thanks for the smile ☺️

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