Koda Goes Camping

I don’t want to put words in my daughter’s mouth, but I think it is safe to assume that camping with Koda was the most epic camping experience of her adult life. She bought her own tent, they drove to Meridian State Park in the Jeep, and they camped overnight. She read, they relaxed, enjoyed nature, and came home the next day. Being in graduate school, she was ready for some away time to destress. Who isn’t?

Koda. Was. Ready. This dog is all about the getting out and doing things, which is pretty exciting for a dog his age. He was excited and thrilled to go on a road trip up toward north Texas. he enjoys it so much, I sometimes think about putting him in search and rescue, but I always reconsider because of his age. He’d enjoy some of the exercises and being “out and about,” but no pressure, dog. If it happens, it happens. And there’d be no desire to certify. This would only be short runs for fun.

Thanks to my daughter, he gets to go on adventures all the time, and there’s no pressure to do anything except “dog.” Eat, walk, look out windows, and watch birds. It is really fun listening to my daughter recount their time. I can tell they both get a lot out of these little adventures. That’s why I thought I’d share them. Here are some photos of the happy pup on their camping experience. Hopefully with the weather turning a little warmer and the foliage opening up, you will get to go out on an adventure with your dogs, too!

Hey, thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying my posts. I’m a writer from Texas who dreams of one day writing full-time. I write the Zombie Dog books, which you can find here both digitally and paperback. I also have a Patreon account here.

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