That was a really messed up dream…

This morning, my daughter and I were talking about last night’s dreams. I had a rough night brought on by a midnight snack I shouldn’t have eaten, so I only got a few hours of sleep, but when I was sleeping my mind didn’t concoct narrative stories. Instead, I seemed to be a conduit to some really weird imagery. They weren’t scary or disturbing. Kind of surreal-looking, like meshed up faces that don’t belong on the same skull. Hell, that cannot physically be two sides to the same skull. While one side balloons outward, the other scrunches tight at an odd angle.

As I was dreaming I got to wondering, where is all this coming from? Did I see this sometime in my past almost-47 years of life? Is this a stillframe plucked from some movie I watched, or an image I saw at a museum or in a book, and now my brain is recalling it? Why is it doing this? What is the purpose of revisiting these images? And if this is what’s happening, how incredible is my brain that it can select this perfect snapshot from decades ago and present it to me in such intricate detail? And if that isn’t what happened, then again, how magnificent is the human mind that its synapses fire off so randomly that it created these very detailed, very odd images in the middle of the night? Hours later, I still don’t know where these images originated, my memory or my psyche, but after last night I am in awe of what the human mind can retain/create.

Hey, thank you for reading and I hope you are enjoying my posts. I’m a writer from Texas who dreams of one day writing full-time. I write the Zombie Dog books, which you can find here both digitally and paperback. I also have a Patreon account here.

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