Book Review: Terrible Lizard: A Memoir of My Time in the Police Dinosaur Unit

Check out this review by Jenacide by Bibliophile, then go follow her blog and Instagram. Her reviews are the funnest I’ve ever read!


Here is one part of the review, but you really should go check out the whole thing. I’ve always loved her use of GIFs to explain how she feels about a book, and I think you will, too.

“As always, author Doug Goodman executes this fantastical tale flawlessly by blending fact with fictionby way of research and his creative imagination. This book is filled with SO many amazing moments that had me giggling and blissfully enjoying every page! From a kleptomaniac dinosaur and dinosaur smuggling, to the PDU officers instructing their handlers to train a chicken to dance by way of positive reinforcement. This book is absolutely random, but everything you didn’t even know you wanted in an Urban Fantasy. The characters are relatable, likable and have a nice mixture of sarcasmcoating their dialogue. I found it so easy to immerse myself in Oak’s stories of hunting down bad guys and training Banshee, and was completely impressed by the amount of inventive little tales that were shared.”

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